Sausage Tortellini

Sausage Tortellini

After making a batch of fresh pasta dough let it rest for at least an hour. During this time you can make a filling for tortellini or another stuffed pasta.

Raw Pasta Dough

Today I am using a sweet Italian sausage from the market that I have mixed with white onions and Boursin cheese. The filling should be fully cooked before being stuffed in the pasta.


When the dough has had enough time to rest it can be rolled out and prepared for stuffing. Only use enough filling for the pasta to be able to be sealed on all sides. If too much filling is used when stuffing tortellini they will burst when they are boiled.


Now fold the pasta into half moons using a touch of water or egg to make a good seal. The final step is to pull the two ends of the pasta together away from the opening that was just sealed off.


The Finished pasta should be allowed to harden separately before being cooked.




About TheHighlandChef

I see “The Highland Chef” as an extension of myself. The name came along from combining two defining features of myself: Being Scottish, and an aspiring Chef. I grew up in the third generation of a family living in America that is still heavily influenced by Scottish culture. I am a graduate of the New England Culinary Institute with degrees in Culinary Arts and Hospitality Restaurant Management. Through my experience with NECI I have worked in some excellent hotels both in the New England area and Scotland. I have found that in the world of cooking there is always something new to be discovered.
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